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M.i.a. is back with a socio-political banger

After her brief retirement in 2008, which followed a denial of a US visa and censorship of her music across the board, M.I.A.’s musical social commentary has gone from strength to strength. Now we finally get to see it, with the release of her new video Borders. 
The closing of the European borders under the guise of ‘border control’ after the recent Paris attacks has been left untouched by European governments. It’s no surprise that M.I.A. a refugee of Sri Lanka, is the musician to inform the world on this other tragedy surrounding us. 
The lyrics and video of Borders are a powerful social message giving faces to those who have been forced out of their own country and denied access to where they sought refuge. 
Most recently Hungary has closed its southern border with Serbia, which this year alone has allowed 170,000 refugees enter the safety of the EU. 
M.I.A.’s Borders shows the thousands of people stuck on boats, at fences and running from war. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get censored again.
Borders is from M.I.A.’s upcoming fifth studio album Matahdatah, the follow-up to 2013’s Matangi.