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Introducing: saint raymond

Callum Burrows, aka as Saint Raymond, is causing seismic-like waves in the music world.

He is from Nottingham and is all of 18 years of age. He is leaving a definite imprint and hitting all the right notes in the music industry. He has been chosen as sole support for Haim's sold-out European tour and is soon about to embark upon a UK and Ireland tour which will bring him to The Academy 2 in Dublin next month on April 4.

Saint Raymond is hotly tipped for 2014 and there is a genuine buzz around this artist. Miriam Doona chatted to the young musician.

Mirism Doona: You are supporting Haim on their upcoming and sold-out European tour and your ‘Young Blood’single was named as Zane Lowe's hottest record in the world both of which are high praise indeed. How are you finding life in the limelight at such a young age, is it slightly surreal?

Saint Raymond: It has been such a busy year that I have not actually had a moment to process! I just keep on working hard and see things from a very positive point of view.

MD: How did you get from your own name Callum Burrows to Saint Raymond?

SR: Saint comes from the area we live in, the location in Nottingham and Raymond was my Grandad’s name.

MD: How is your family responding to your success and the momentum and popularity you are gaining?

SR: My family has been great. They are wicked. My mum and dad get more excited than I do, I think sometimes. I have three siblings and one of my brothers has just had a baby and another brother has one on the way, so there is a baby boom in my family. I choose to stay based in Nottingham because I love the normality of family life. It is a great balance considering all the travelling I am doing at the moment.

MD: What is the music scene like in Nottingham and did you always aspire to be a musician?

SR: Yeah, it is pretty good now and it is really starting to pick up with the likes of Jake Bugg and Dog is Dead, which is great. I began to play guitar at a very young age and got really interested in music that way. Actually, it was The Kooks' first album that got me into playing guitar in the first place. I also played the recorder in primary school and I want to make it become a bad ass instrument! I was pretty lazy in school to be honest and always knew I wanted to go down the musical route.

MD: Your vey appropriately titled EP Young Blood was released at the start of the year on the January 5, which was a nice way to start the year, and in support of this you have 11 dates across the UK and Ireland which will bring you to Dublin on April 4. Have you played Dublin before?

SR   Yeah, I love Dublin. It is funny because I will play Dublin on exactly the same date as last year, April 4. I am a quarter Irish and I know so many people say that but I love Dublin – such a great energy.

MD: The current EP is your second and your debut , entitled Escapade, was released back in May 2013. ‘Fall At Your Feet’ from the debut EP was promoted as iTunes single of the week. Can you briefly summarise what has happened in your career from then to current day and perhaps a little into your plans for the future?

SR: I signed with Asylum Records, which was huge for me and I got loads of shows booked. As a result, I was playing in front of more people, which is one of the best ways to keep the wheel turning. I did a huge festival run last year also, including Leeds and Reading. I definitely want to do many festivals this year too and I am currently in confirmation of this. They are such a great way to win over audiences on a higher level.

MD: Is there an album in the pipeline?

SR: Yes, I have albums plans and I am just finalising and recording it now. I am piecing it together and aim to have it completed by the end of the summer to coincide with the festival season.

Saint Raymond plays the Academy 2 on April 4.

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