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Interview: alice boman

Hailing from Sweden, Alice Boman is imminently coming to Dublin to perform upstairs in Whelans on Saturday December 6. Boman emerged on the scene in 2013 with the debut EP Skisser, which is laden with intricate home recordings from her bedroom and translates as sketches. 
Swedish label Adrian Recordings wasted no time in signing her and this year Boman released her second EP, perfectly entitled EP II. The union of EP II and Skisser combine to offer her debut CD album, via Adrian Recordings. 
On inquiring on how the album was being received she that, “It’s going good…it’s got nice reviews and people seem to like it. Everything still feels kind of unreal to me, but it’s nice”. 
Elaborating on the album she said, “me, myself…I don’t really look at it as an album. To me, it is two EPs and if people want to look at it as an album, they can and that’s nice as people make their own interpretations.”
As we continued to speak from Berlin, as Alice was there since doing a show the previous Friday, she told me that she was walking in the rain as we spoke and enjoying some free time in the German city. This information led quickly to me asking about her Skisser EP and in particular the beautiful and haunting song Waiting. 
I had a feeling that she, as an artist and a person, was very inspired by nature, considering the fundamental and elemental quality to the song and its accompanying and very complimentary video which was shot on a beach. 
I mused aloud if the entire creation was deliberate in its “back to nature” and elemental presentation. “Yeah, I like simplicity…And things don’t always have to be so complicated.”
Along this train of thought I asked if the fact that EP ll was recorded in the Swedish woods was beneficial and deliberate in her natural approach to music. “Yeah”, she replied with a laugh, “I’m really into that. Recording in the woods was so inspiring, it was so calm. I put so much focus on the music, nothing but the music.”
The song Waiting has also appeared in the TV show Glue and I was curious to learn how that came about. “It’s one of the people I work with that helped me…actually that one [on the show] is a remix…you work with a lot of people and you don’t really know what is coming next and happening and then all of a sudden…it’s going to be on this show and its great! It makes it more accessible for more people and I like that.” 
I asked Alice about the current European tour and her upcoming performance in Dublin’s Whelans on December 6 and she shared that they were off to Belgium the following day.
“Yeah it’s been quite hectic. I am on a support tour for Ane Brun, she is a Norwegian singer. So right now we are going around on a bus from city to city. We are going to Belgium tomorrow so this whole year has been kind of hectic, with a lot of gigs and lots of things going on…so not so much spare time, but it’s nice but I am looking forward to getting some time to write again and slow down a bit.” 
“I performed at Electric picnic this summer… it was amazing, the vibe… and I always wanted to go to Dublin but it is only for one night, unfortunately,” she added.
Wanting to pursue a career in music and if it was an instinctive career path was my next and final question.
“I don’t think I always knew that and because there was always so much singing and playing at home it just came naturally to me and it kind of hit me three or four years ago that l really want to do this, or try and do this,” she said.
“I think I might have wanted to do this all the time…but you don’t really dare to think you can, but I guess it has been a dream in the back of my head.”

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