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Handsome eric – taking iadt by storm

Although he is handsome, Handsome Eric is just the alter-ego for 19 year old IADT student Stephen O’ Dowd.
Creating two 6 tracks EPs from his bedroom Handsome Eric’s voice and talent are far beyond his mere 19 years.
His recent success stems from the /mu/ section of 4chan a photo-forum site he’s often spotted.
Since he first linked his breakout EP, ‘Na I’m good’ on the site there has been an underground media storm, with artists such as Shamir and Car Seat Headrest comparing him to Mac DeMarco. 
Following the release of his second EP ‘Oh, Cool’ Vice, NME and Pitchfork have all published reviews on this bedroom pop messiah.
Recently signed by Irish label Paper Trails Records, Handsome Eric is going from strength to strength. 
There is a clear reason Handsome Eric is getting all this online attention – He captures a place we’ve all been when you were so drunk you couldn’t stand and that girl/boy you kissed turned out to be a dick. 
Songs like ‘The Mopiest Boy in Leopardstown’ can’t be ignored, a poignantly layered melody that hits you in the teenage angst feels.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe such lyrical maturity came from someone so young but quite frankly songs like ‘Great, Ego-Death’ prove Handsome Eric is just an extremely talented musician and adds anticipation to what he’ll do next.