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Foo’s drop surprise ep

The answer is a 5 track EP spontaneously recorded during their world tour supporting the “Sonic Highways” album last November. In an open letter to fans also published on website Dave Grohl explained the origins of the unscheduled new/old songs. 
You can read the full letter here. (Hyperlink to website:
St. Cecilia is the name of a tiny downtown Austin, Texas hotel where the album was recorded during time Grohl and co spent in the city for the South by Southwest music festival. Comprising of just 14 rooms, a bar and a lobby the entire place was turned in to a make shift recording studio less than 24 hours after the band arrived in the wee hours of September 30th 2015.
In the letter Grohl states in the preface that the idea for the EP came about in October of this year.
He had hoped he could use the music “even in the smallest way” to bring “a little light in to this sometimes dark world”. Grohl also revealed later on in the letter that the two shows Foo Fighters played in Mexico City in December 2013 paid for the bulk of the production for their documentary series “Sonic Highways”.
St. Cecilia became the home of this record, the title track on it and she’s even the patron saint of musicians. After so many shows playing to hundreds of thousands of people the Foos undoubtedly needed someone to seek a bit of solace and recuperation in.
That being said it is written in the letter to fans that the hotel also became party central during the recording sessions. With copious amounts of cocktails, late night jam sessions and “by midnight, the Preservation Jazz Hall Band had arrived, and the “session” turned in to a full on party”. 
What’s different about this surprise batch of tunes is that its reason for being is to say one thing. Thank you.
A thank you to all the fans who made the bands last tour, in words of Grohl himself, “the best our band has ever had”. Not only is it a thank you to the fans its a thank you to the Foo Fighter road crew or their family as they call themselves.
That’s something quite special I think.
These guys are the biggest rock and roll band in the world today but reading Grohl’s letter an undying sense of wonderment at where they are is quite evident.
A band loved the world over with I genuinely believe some of the best fans in the world with members who still struggle to grasp the concept of how far they’ve come in all their days. And now they decide to release a free EP just to say thanks? Good guys Foo Fighters.
On top of all that since the horrendous attacks in Paris on November 13th Foo Fighters have also set up a link on their homepage to a donations page to help support the victims of the attacks. Could you love these guys anymore? I honestly do not believe you could unless you got down on one knee and proposed to six people at once.