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Despicable me 2 – review

For all you Despicable Me fans, the second instalment is definitely a must-see summer movie.

Featuring the well-known voices of Russell Brand, Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove, this film sees master villain Gru become one of the good guys and a more family orientated man.

The movie also sees the return of Margo, Edith and Agnes along with Gru’s hilarious Minions, Dr Nefario and of course Agnes’ fluffy unicorn.

Although this film doesn’t have a clear plot like the first instalment, it is just as funny, and has just as many memorable quotes.

However none of these quotes quite beat Agnes in the first movie with “Look at that fluffy unicorn, it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” and “IT’S SO FLUFFY!”

This film revolves around Gru trying to beat the bad guys with his partner, Lucy, while his three adopted daughters try to find him a girlfriend. Will they succeed?

However, once again, the little yellow babbling Minions own the movie, and they won’t fail to have you falling out of your seat with laughter.

These Minions are loved so much by fans that the filmmakers decided once again to allow them to close the movie with their own rendition of two musical hits, All-4-One’s I Sware and YMCA by the Village People.

Be sure to stay in your seats during the credits, as the Minions return during “The Minion Movie Auditions” to show us the real wonders of 3D.

Are filmmakers thinking of making a real Minion Movie? We will just have to wait and see.

This is definitely the movie of the summer so far, and it is aimed at all of the family.