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Dear netflix: a list of what should be streaming by now

Dear Netflix,
Truth be told, you’ve done well over the years. You have given us great entertainment and of course the iconic phase ‘Netflix and Chill’. From rom-coms to documentaries – you have it all, but there are some films and TV shows that have yet to surface on the site. Listen to the people, this is what we’ve been craving!
First on the list has to be the hit TV show Friends. It has gone on way too long, this timeless classic needs to be on Netflix as soon as possible! The show first aired in 1994, yet it still holds a place in our hearts. As many times as I’ve watched Friends I don’t think I have ever actually watched the episodes in order, so I think that would be fun to re-watch it all again (for the millionth time) and see the show from start to finish.
Another Netflix necessity is Geordie Shore. C’mon Netflix, don’t you think it’s about time we got to watch season upon season of our favourite Newcastle nutters? Surely if the Made In Chelsea posh totties are on Netflix, their less sophisticated but just as dramatic cousin Geordie Shore should be allowed on the site too. It would be mint.
To be honest I’m surprised Keeping Up With the Kardashians hasn’t appeared on Netflix yet. I figured momager Kris would have that all sorted by now. Although we may not want to admit, we secretly all love to indulge on the rich and fabulous lives of this famous family, along with all of their hilarious moments, like Kim taking selfies while Khloe was arrested. Klassic.
As far as films go, I think Netflix is in desperate need of a few more chick flicks. Really can you ever have enough? We need Mean Girls, Easy A and Pitch Perfect just to name a few. Netflix is ideal for a girly night in with the gal pals. It’s about time these fantastic, funny films are up on Netflix.
Two words: Star Wars. How on earth have we allowed such a fatal fault to exist? These stellar films just need to be on Netflix. No ifs, buts or maybes. It is a crime against entertainment to leave these cinematic masterpieces out of the Netflix loop.
Last but not least we need the holy trilogy, High School Musical. I think it’s only fair that we get to watch HSM. After all, these films made our childhood. What’s the point in having the DVDs when I could easily and effortlessly watch them on my laptop and phone? It would be fabulous!
Lots of love from,
A Regular TV and Film Binge-Watcher.