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4 New Television Shows You Should Be Watching in 2018

New year’s resolutions are always the big talking point of the new year- but so is the absolute excitement of a new year of great television! So, what is coming back to television this year? What is making a comeback this year? And what new shows should we be on the lookout for this year?

Read on and you will find out…

Dancing On Ice

After a four-year absence from our television screens, “Dancing On Ice” has made a great comeback this January. Though the show has some drastic changes and a whole new layout, hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are still gracing the screens for this whole new series.

Speaking to, Schofield spoke of some of the changes that have been made to make the show more appealing than before; they’ve scraped the skate-off, and as a result the show finishes earlier on a Sunday evening.

The judging panel has also been given a huge revamp. Diversity frontman, Ashley Banjo joins the panel along with previous show coaches, and ice-skating Olympians, Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean. However, bad guy Jason Gardiner remains in the end chair – who would ever have thought they missed him on Sunday evening television?

Take Me Out

Now in its 10th season, Paddy McGuiness’ “Take Me Out” is back for a whole new series, and speaking on “This Morning”, McGuiness speaks of how not one, but two specials will be had on the show this year, including an over 50’s special!

There’s also said to be a male special, whereby the ladies are in the limelight, and McGuiness speaks of how this particular show is a great watch!


Grown-ish is a new American sitcom series, and a spin-off of the ABC series “Black-ish”. This sitcom follows the Johnson’s eldest daughter Zoey, as she heads off to college, and begins her journey to adulthood. However, the young adult quickly learns that not everything goes her way once she leaves home.

A Series of Unfortuante Events – Season 2

Neil Patrick Harris is back on our laptop screens for the second season of this Netflix series. Harris plays the terrorising Count Olaf, and we couldn’t be happier to see him back on our screens! A Series of Unfortunate Events is back on Netflix for the second season from March 30th on Netflix.

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