Homeland – series preview

Season two starts on RTE Tuesday 2nd October. The season begins a few months after the ending the last.

 The series relies heavily on character development. It follows Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Band of Brothers, Damien Lewis) as he returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) a CIA operative who believes he is planning an attack upon America.

Sergeant Brody, the main character, undergoes an interesting metamorphosis upon returning home; he gradually emerges from being a shell shocked victim of war, to a war-hero who embraces the position as the military poster boy. This change happens so quickly that we are constantly left wondering where his allegiances lie.

Furthermore, Carrie Mathison also undergoes an intriguing character arch. She is first presented as a rising star of the CIA, but then, as we learn of her psychological issues, her dogged persistence of Sergeant Brody loses credibility, and her stability becomes increasingly questionable. This only adds to the mounting suspense of the series.

There is an entertaining mix of sex, violence, and James Bond style subterfuge, which will satisfy any action junkies, while simultaneously examining relationships, both on a romantic and family level, and looking at their boundaries. It also provides a somewhat scary glimpse of the privileges which the CIA have been afforded due to fear of terrorism. However, the series’ success seems to rely on the ending, as most series do.

The show won two awards at the 15 January, 2012, Golden Globes, including Best Television series, and Best Performance by an Actress in a television series- Drama (Claire Danes). Homeland also won four awards at the 64th Primetime Emmy awards.

The series airs on RTE Two weekly, Friday at 9.00pm. It can also be seen on RTE Player.