Fear And Its Relationship With Us

Fear. Everyone has fears. You can have a fear of spiders, heights, clowns. But it is not something we usually all talk about amongst our peers. When you see a snake, your automatic instinct would be to run away because you want to protect yourself. When you cross the road, you pay attention to the traffic conditions in order to cross the road safely. Thus, fear protects us from potential danger.

To have a certain degree of fear is good, as it allows us to be aware of danger. But sometimes our fear doesn’t necessary indicate that there is potential harm to our lives. Fear stops us from doing what we really desire to do. For example, it stops us from raising our hands in class, speaking out our opinions, standing up for what we think is right. Am I right with these examples?

Fear means that there is something within for us to conquer. Fear can prevent us from being achieving our deepest desires, or it can lead us to greater heights.

From my personal experience, fear can lead to regrets that will make us feel guilty. There are times when I fear stepping out of my comfort zone. The reason why going out of the comfort zone is difficult is because it makes me feel weird, anxious and filled with uncertainty. But as I grow older, I notice that these feelings of uncertainty, are necessary for change and improvement of myself.

I stumbled upon an article which writes about the top 5 regrets of the dying. It was about a research conducted by Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse, who recorded the dying regrets of her patients. The top regret is that they didn’t live a life true to themselves. From what I can understand, we fear that others will condemn us for who we really are. We are afraid to show our true selves to the world, for fear of losing relationships and friends.

Following on with the article, another regret I can relate to is the inability to express our feelings and opinions. Part of the reason would be because of fear of other people’s reactions. We tend to be afraid that our opinions will get criticised or judged negatively.

What is my biggest fear? That would be living a life with regrets. ‘We often regret the things that we didn’t do, rather than the things that we did’, this is one of favourite quotes of all time. I fear that I will not have the guts to do the things that I really desire in life. I fear that I do not take the opportunities that come my way. Therefore, I like to live life in the now, relishing every day that comes by.

What do you about fear? Is it something that comes up in your life?