Your 90s fashion starter kit

It’s fair to say that the best representation of 90s fashion is the iconic Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell. With her huge hair, high waisted Levis, bomber jackets, high top Reeboks and the array of crop tops she sported, it’s no wonder that she is the envy of many girls nowadays. 
But, never fear, we here at Campus have put together an essential 90s wardrobe starter pack for all you ladies who should be so inclined.
The key thing to remember when it comes to the 90s is: the bigger, the better. Let’s break this down. With no vulgar intentions, I’m talking about size. Hair styles should be back-combed until the brush becomes lost in a jungle of teased roots. Jackets and coats should look as though they belonged to your much larger framed father.
Shirts or t-shirts should be at least a couple of sizes bigger than what you would usually wear, or better yet, from the men’s section. Buying tops from the guy’s section of a shop will ensure that it is a more relaxed fit on you. The sleeves will be a bit longer too which means doing the essential sleeve roll, will be far more effective.
If you’re not a fan of dressing in the men’s clothes, then you may find the ‘tall’ section in women’s shops helpful. The trouser leg may be slightly too long but again, similar to the sleeve roll, turning up the bottoms of your jeans a few times is all the more 90s-esque. 
Returning to the topic of hair, a scrunchie is imperative. If you’re not familiar with these divine creations, head over to the American Apparel website. Here you will find scrunchie heaven. With ones in every colour and fabric imaginable, it’s hard not to love them. Topshop are also great for feeding a scrunchie fetish.
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Photo: _wildflowercreations/ Instagram
In terms of hair styling, half up-half down is quintessentially 90s. This method is foolproof and is great for day or night. Begin by sectioning the top part of your hair and secure it with a scrunchie. Then begin to tighten the scrunchie by pulling sections of your hair. Doing this will lift the scrunchie further up your head and you’ll also achieve a more relaxed look which is what the 90s is all about. Then you can tease in and around your roots to get more volume. This look is so pretty and suits most hair lengths.
When we look at old episodes of Friends, we envy Rachel. And what is it that we envy most about her? Her style. Rachel, like us, loves a pair of Levis. Everything from the high-waisted jeans, the denim jackets and of course the cut-off shorts. Don’t think that wearing Levis should be left up to American actresses.
There are many shops that sell these products in a range of styles and sizes to suit just about anyone. ‘Fresh’ in Temple Bar, Dublin, is your one stop shop for vintage Levis. They have over-sized denim jackets, jeans, cut-off shorts just about everything you’ll need to complete your 90s look. Oh, and did we mention how affordable it is?
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How much sports could a 90s girl sport if 90s girls sported sportswear? That mouthful actually has some sense in it. Adidas, Nike, Fila and Puma are just some of the brands that were super trendy back in the day. Remember those multi-coloured sports coats with the half zip down the front? They’re 100% on trend again and are available in most vintage shops. Or you might be lucky and discover one hidden in your attic from when your mum was cool.
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Don’t be intimidated by 90s fashion. It’s so easy to wear and suits almost any body shape. If you’re headed out for a night on the tiles, black chunky boots, black high-waisted jeans, a crop top of any colour, an over-sized denim jacket, top it all off with an adorable scrunchie and boom. You’re looking on trend, and I’m not lying when I say those Levis denim jackets are so warm for the trek home after a nightclub.