Top tips for a perfect tan

We all know the struggles of trying to get that perfect golden tan, but it isn’t always easy. I am by no means a qualified beauty professional, but I do love a tan. I’ve picked up some tips & tricks that insure flawless application and the most natural looking finish. You’ll look like a bronzed goddess without even leaving the house.
1. Exfoliate.
This is one step I would definitely do as part of my tanning routine. Especially if you have a big event coming up, it is crucial for the best looking tan. Simply use an exfoliating glove (you can pick them up in Penny’s) in the shower a day or two before you tan. You don’t want to exfoliate just before your tan as you will be left looking patchy, which is definitely not a good look. If you want to use a homemade exfoliate – simply mix melted coconut oil with some granulated sugar.
Exfoliating will remove the dry dead skin cells that cause the tan to build up and look muddy and dirty. Pay special attention to your ankles, elbows and knees. Apply a small layer of moisture to the skin to help hydrate it.
2. Use A Makeup Brush.
We are all nervous about doing the tricky areas such as your hands, your ears and ankles. A tip that works really well is to use an old makeup brush to really buff the product into the skin. Simply apply a small amount of tan onto the back of your mitt, dip your brush in and apply to skin. This tip really works wonders and definitely something you should try.
3. Use Swiping Motions.
When applying your tan to your arms and legs, start at the top of your arms and swipe down. This insures the tan glides on and doesn’t build up in certain areas. Starting from the elbow go down to your wrist in a single swipe. I would suggest starting from your head and working your way down the body when it comes to starting off your tan.
Products To Enhance Your Tan.
· Cocoa Brown: Goddess Oils. This product is amazing and the queen of tan herself – Marissa Carter has created 3 different shades. This product can be used all over the body for a golden glow or applied down the centre of the leg to make it appear slimmer.
· Vita Liberata: Body Blur. This product is absolutely raved about and for good reason. If you are left with Amy discolouration or patches after you apply your tan this product will save you. Simply apply a light layer over your tan and see the the magic happen. If you apply the body blur over your regular tan it gives you a nice healthy glow, now that’s something we could all use.
Hopefully these tips help you achieve a perfect tan.