Top inglot muas

What’s an ‘MUA’- or as the lads call it, ‘a moo-wa’? Well, for those who aren’t as interested in makeup as others, the letters M U A stand for ‘Make-Up Artist’- get the abbreviation now?

Second question; what is Inglot?

Inglot is a Polish make-up brand that has recently become increasingly popular in surrounding countries- Ireland being lucky enough to be one of them! YAY! The first store was launched in July 2009- (it was Liffey Valley, Dublin for anyone that cares about that useless nugget of history, btw!).

There are 13 stores nationwide, including the pro- store in South Anne Street, Dublin and amongst these stores are a range of amazing, qualified and talented MUAs. You understand that term now, don’t you?

From their Instagram accounts to their Snapchat presence, it’s hard not to at least begin to want to get creative with make-up.

In a recent survey performed online and through various social media outlets, we found the top Inglot MUAs of Ireland.

1) Keilidh Cashell – Inglot Dundalk

Hailing from county Monaghan, Keilidh Cashell is a current Pro- Team Senior and one of this year’s Pro- Team mentors residing in Inglot Dundalk. Keilidh is most known for her unique spins on festival and theme looks, not forgetting the grungy style she carries herself. Keilidh studied Makeup Artistry in the LA College of Creative Arts, but I believe she has recently found her own style a lot more and shows what that exactly is in all the master-classes she does around the country. She’s very active on social media, with regular ‘snap- tutorials’, and it’s clear she tries very hard to build her following and keep interactions with her ever-growing fanbase.

The winner of last year’s ‘Pro- Team Competition’, Keilidh accomplished one of her goals in creating her own makeup and the highly-coveted limited edition “Keilidh Palette,” was a massive sell- out for the Christmas season. Keilidh has also recently begun to grow her YouTube channel a lot more, with regular tutorials as well as videos that show her fun and quirky side, such as the video in which she left her boyfriend, Darren Kavanagh do her makeup. Some serious lols at the ready! If you by some mad chance have not already been actively following Keilidh, then first of all- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? If you do one thing productive today, make sure it is to go and immediately follow her. Serious procrastination at the ready.

Facebook – KeilidhMua Instagram – KeilidhMua Snapchat – KeilidhMua Youtube – KeilidhMua

2) Ellie Kelly – Inglot Liffey Valley

21- year old Ellie Kelly is working as a trainer in the Liffey Valley Inglot store, as well as doing her own freelance make-up in Dublin. Another avidly active YouTuber, Ellie mixes her channel up with vlogs and make-up tutorials. Her Instagram is a flourish of all that she can do and shows the versatility of which her make-up skills stretch to. She’s also very active on Snapchat, with regular updates as to how her day is going along with tutorials from time to time.

Snapchat – elliekellymua Instagram – ellieekellyy YouTube – Ellie Kelly Mua
3) Becky Timlin – Inglot Galway

The second Inglot Pro-Team mentor of 2016 is Inglot Galway’s, Becky Timlin. Becky is another of one of the very avid snapchatters- and we LOVE it! Her snaps are a mix of general chit chat and amazing tutorials and looks. She talks about problems and, like Keilidh interacts quite a lot with her following, opening the floor to opinion quite a lot as well as looking for advice. Becky isn’t afraid of change, as you can see by her beautiful purple hair that she is currently working into a lot of looks and tutorials. Becky’s snapchat is another major one to follow as she takes you with her everywhere she goes. Whenever herself and Keilidh are together, you can be sure the Snapchat stories will be even funnier than usual. Becky has also recently begun giving first impressions of her new skincare routine and new products coming to Inglot soon!

Facebook – BeckyTimlinMUA Instagram – beckytimlinmua Snapchat – circleofbeauty
4) Jade Ward – Inglot Waterford

Waterford product specialist Jade Ward catches the eye of her fanbase through her amazing makeovers. An ITEC and CIBTAC qualified beauty therapist, it is no wonder Jade is one of Inglot’s top additions, with an enviable highlight and some amazing creations of bright makeovers that she makes work.

Facebook – Jade Ward Makeup Instagram – jadewardmakeup Snapchat – jadewardmakeup
5) Niamh Cleary – Inglot Waterford

Self- taught make-up artist Niamh Cleary first went into make-up as a hobby and created the Snapchat account ‘ncmakeup’ alongside it. At the announcement of a Waterford Inglot store, Niamh applied for the job. Following her new job as an Inglot make-up artist, she then applied to be on the 2017 ‘Pro- Team’ and was also accepted. Niamh is one of the artists that I myself followed before she became a make-up artist for Inglot and I believe a massive part of her following is due to the massive graft she put in before Inglot. Since she has begun working for Inglot Waterford, we’ve seen her makeup only get better and her fanbase widen. Niamh, like a lot of her Inglot colleagues, is a very active Snapchatter. She’s fun and quirky and this shows through her snaps. Her stories are always very laid-back- as if she is just hanging out with her friends!

Facebook – NCmakeup Instagram – ncmakeup_ Snapchat – ncmakeup

Notable mention – Michelle Fox

A notable mention goes to who I believe to be the ultimate Inglot Queen (even though she is in fact no longer with Inglot), past Pro- Team member and past Inglot Limerick duty manager, Michelle Fox. Since her departure from Inglot, she teaches at Allure College of Hair & Beauty in Athlone and Tullamore. Having studied Beauty Therapy in Senior College Dun Laoghaire for two years, she then went on to do a 1-year Make-up Artistry Intensive course in LA Makeup Academy Dublin. Through her years, Michelle worked with many companies, from Inglot Dundrum, Fuschia Make-Up, Lancôme in Debenhams and is now currently working for herself.

As well as this, Michelle has travelled up and down the country hosting events as well as doing many masterclasses- as to which she is still doing to this day! Michelle invites her following to accompany her minute by minute, throughout her day through her snaps and is forever giving the best of reviews and recommendations on her story.

Facebook – Michelle Fox Make-up Artist Instagram – MichelleFoxMUA Snapchat – shellfoxmua