Top beauty trends of 2016

2016 was a wild year to say the least, so it’s easy to look back at it with dismay. However, there are also reasons to celebrate the year that was 2016. Let’s look back at the biggest beauty trends of last year.
Metallic Makeup
From lips to eyelids, the shimmering look was in. With Pat McGrath releasing her ‘Pat McGrath Labs’ and the look being used throughout Paris Fashion Week, metals really took off. Every beauty influencer was raving about them and high end to affordable makeup brands were pumping out metallic product after product. This was definitely one of the cooler looks of 2016.
If you didn’t glow in 2016, did you really experience 2016? It was all about highlighter last year, with everyone applying copious amounts of highlighter to their face. The goal was to achieve a dewy, hydrated look, rather than the harsh sculpt of contour. Once again every brand in the beauty industry produced their own highlight palette, from the mega successful Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills to the flop Naked Illuminated Trio by Urban Decay.
Burgundy eyes
The dark purple colour was a huge hit in 2016. The colour which is usually confined to the autumn months was everywhere all year round. Almost every eye shadow palette had a burgundy section, with companies like Kylie Cosmetics even going as far as to dedicate a palette to the colour. It’s also a favourite colour with huge beauty influencers so the deep colour seemed to be everywhere last year.
Graphic Eyeliner
For those of us who can’t even master winged liner, the trend of graphic eyeliner was terrifying. From unicorn horns to double sided cat eyes, the trend was a favourite with the Instagram community. The look was much harder to master than the other major trends, so perhaps we can leave it in 2016.
The long bob was on every red carpet last year as it seemed every single celebrity attempted to shake up their image with a shorter do. The high fashion option included a blunt cut of course, with stars like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and even Michelle Obama rocking this look. Whilst other celebrities favoured the softer, wavy look like Khloe Kardashian and Lucy Hale.
Rose Gold Hair
Rose gold is the only colour that mattered in 2016 (sorry Burgundy). It started off with iPhones and accessories but quickly progressed to rose gold everything. So when celebrities started stepping out with rose gold it came as no surprise. Rose gold was the be all and end all of 2016.
Holographic nails
Nail art has become more and more to the forefront of the beauty world. So when the Met Gala tackled the theme of Manus x Machina, silver and holographic designs were everywhere, including on the nails. Suddenly, holographic nails were everywhere. It was definitely one of the most hypnotising trends of 2016.