Ten fashion resolutions every student should make

You might convince yourself that 2016 is the year you’ll shed those extra few pounds, finally see out your dream of learning to speak Spanish fluently or maybe you are finally going to give up Koka noodles for good.
But how about making a few small style resolutions for a change? This New Year is the perfect time to finally curb those fashion mistakes you’ve been making for far too long. Here is’s definitive list of fashion resolutions that every student should make this year.

Banish UGGs forever 

This shouldn’t even be here, but the sad reality is that UGGs still continue to plague and infest campuses nationwide. Why are students still slogging about in these ugly, crumpled and sloppy looking things in the year 2016? Yes, they may be comfy and there is a certain thrill about wearing slippers during daylight hours. But the minute you step in a puddle, they turn a dirty shade of brown and no matter how much you convince yourself they do NOT look stylish with a pair of black leggings. Yes, UGGs were nice while they lasted, but move on. Let this year be the year that UGGs become extinct. For everyone’s sake.

Invest in decent footwear

Why do students neglect their poor feet day in and day out? Why do we cramp them into canvas shoes and doll shoes from Pennys? These things have about as much support as a training bra. We’d all be better off wearing thick socks around the place than wear these flimsy cheap shoes that let the water in and leave us with soggy and cold toes for the rest of the day. Your feet really need to be taken care of. This year, take the time out to invest in good quality footwear, that has a bit of structure and bin those €8 pumps. You’ll thank yourself (and us!)

Stop spending copious amounts of money on cheap clothes

Guilty as charged. It’s so easy to stroll into Pennys and come out an hour later, laden with bags of goodies and €100 poorer. However, as hard as it is to admit, that money is much better spent on good quality items that’ll last. Cheap clothing rarely lasts more than two occasions before threads start lifting and colours start fading. Quality over quantity. In ten years’ time, you’ll still have that camel coat from Topshop to wear. However, those pink sequinned shorts and vest tops you bought for a tenner will be long gone. Take the time out to really think about what you buy this year – how does it fit into your current wardrobe? Putting an end to impulse buying is never easy but will be so worth it in the long run.

Get out of your comfort zone

For me, it’s monochrome. It never dates, it suits almost every occasion and above all, it’s safe. For others it may be the classic jeans and tee combo, or pretty floral dresses teamed with tights. Whatever your comfort zone is, vow that this year you’ll get out of it a little. Try a colour you never thought suited you before. Or maybe buy those leather pants you’ve always wanted. You’ll never discover what suits you if you don’t try new cuts, styles and colours. Simple changes like a bold statement necklace or even a brightly coloured scarf can really freshen up your look and take you into the New Year with buckets of confidence.
Clear out your wardrobe
Pick a date. Set it aside. Clear your schedule and just do it. There are pieces in that wardrobe that are merely collecting dust and taking up valuable hanger space. It’s time to be really ruthless this year. Hold every item up and ask yourself – have I worn this in the past two years? If the answer is no, then it has to go. Only items of special sentimental value, like your debs dress, are allowed stay, but those neon leggings you wore to your first junior disco have to go. Bag everything up and send whatever is still in good nick to your local charity shop. They’ll be delighted with the donation. Take time out also to properly organise your wardrobe space. Plastic drawers are relatively cheap to buy and can save you hours of rooting through the mountain of clothes in the back of your closet for that grey string top on a Monday morning.

Make time for charity

As the saying goes – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Charity shops are really undervalued, but some contain such timeless and beautiful pieces for just a couple of euros. My recent charity shop finds have included a classic grey jumper from Topshop and a bright Zara knit – both for under a fiver! They really are worth your while popping your head in and having a quick browse. The added bonus is that you’re doing your bit for charity at the same time. It’s all the thrills from impulse shopping but minus any of the guilt. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Doll yourself up

Why are you holding out on wearing that gorgeous new LBD and saving it for a ‘special occasion’? Why do you only wear that fabulous blue coat to a wedding? It’s time to start incorporating those items into your day to day style. There’s no point in waiting for a special day to whip out your best items. Today is just as important. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing these amazing bits to college or even wearing them about the house.
Save up
It’s a long time until Christmas rolls around again and you can start dropping hints about that Michael Kors watch or that Kate Spade handbag. Write down what you want to treat yourself to this year and actually work towards it. There’s something so fulfilling about actually saving up for something and eventually purchasing it after months of living off Heinz beans. Buy a cheap piggy bank from Dealz and every month put aside what you can. Grant money, babysitting jobs, birthday money – put it all aside. When you’ve worked hard to save up for that one item you’ve always longed for you’ll feel great and it’ll have most definitely earned its place in your wardrobe after that.

For the ladies – find a pair of high heels that are actually comfortable

For some, this may seem like the impossible dream. A pair of heels that’ll actually last you through all of Coppers? Believe me, it can be done. Whether it’s buying the gel cushions or investing in a chunkier (or lower!) heel, you’ll be thankful to finally find a pair that doesn’t have you wincing at the end of each night. And you’ll be laughing when you’re still bopping away whilst the rest of your mates are sitting gloomily on the couches, rubbing their aching soles. Another hour on the dancefloor? No problemo.

For the lads – get out of the tracksuits

As much as you might like to flaunt the Hollister or Abercrombie logo, it’s overdone. Sloppy trackies are finally making way for smart dressing when it comes to men’s fashion and it’s about time that college students followed suit (no pun intended). Now, I’m not saying you need to dust off your debs attire for your 10am tutorial, but a smart blazer or a simple shirt and a jumper can really raise the bar in the fashion stakes. Obviously, the comfy tracksuit bottoms are totally acceptable on hangover days but please, stop wearing the same pair for two weeks at a time. Believe me, we’ve noticed it.

Photos: AisforAmy91/ Flickr