Pink to make the boys wink

Girls loving pink is not an original phenomenon, but for whatever reason, there seems to be even more of an appeal to the colour during the run up to Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s to do with the bombardment of pink love hearts donned on every card, teddy and box of chocolates in sight. It’s best to just accept the holiday for what it is and enjoy any excuse to break out the bold statement make-up products. Here are some of the best and beautiful blush toned products you could use:
Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette
Okay I’ll admit, I am starting off with an optimistic option by suggesting this product. The eye shadow palette has been sold out at Sephora and CultBeauty pretty much ever since it originally launched. If you are lucky enough to get this palette (and willing to spend €65), Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to use and abuse it. The palette features 18 shades mostly based around the colour pink but it has a mix of matte transfer colours as well shimmery golds to really go the extra mile for your special date.
Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day collection
The young business mogul has just launched a full Valentine’s Day collection on her website featuring eye shadow palettes, blush duos and even mini lip kits. The whole collection itself costs a whopping $200 but maybe you can just drop hints to your significant other that you really, really, really want it. However, one product in particular seems extra fitting for the occasion. A new lip kit simply called “Valentine” is a must have for February 14th if you are a diehard fan. The hot fuchsia kit uses the same matte liquid formula that has worked so well for Kylie in the past and is guaranteed to last no matter how much smooching you get up to.
Makeup Revolution Hot Spice palette
Your cheeks are already going to be blushed from hearing all those cute compliments from bae obviously but a little extra couldn’t hurt. Rather than recommend one particular blush, I believe Makeup Revolution’s Hot Spice powder blush palette can cover all bases. This palette can suit any skin tone and any mood as it features 8 blushes ranging from nude pink to salmon. 2 of the blushes also contain some shimmer so can be used as highlighter or eye shadow if you want to improvise. Totalling at around €7 and available in Superdrug across the country, this product in particular is a must have – not just for Valentine’s Day but for every day.
Jeffree Star Regina George highlighter
Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost highlighter range has a few shades that are quite out there (to say the least). Bright green “Mint Condition”, pure white “Ice Cold” and black “Onyx Ice” would be hard for anybody to use on days other than Halloween. Jeffree also sells a hot pink highlighter “Regina George” which would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. The shade is so bright that it could only really be wearable for darker skin tones but if you want your glow to be extra special I would recommend experimenting with this product or even a cheaper dupe.