Paris Set Plans to be Sustainable Fashion Capital by 2024

Statements made by former fashion journalist Isabelle Lefort describe the plans for a new community titled ‘Paris Good Fashion’ which will aim to bring forth more environmentally aware fashion creating, materials and events, boasting the admirable future title of ‘sustainable fashion capital’ by 2024, as reported in Vogue.

With world-renowned fashion events like Paris Fashion Week and a wide scope of talented designers and creators, those at the frontline of this committee appear to understand the need for an entire industry rethink of sustainability.

According to Vogue, Antoinette Guhl, Deputy Mayor of Paris stated that it is ‘our task to invent a new future for fashion’ with a deadline project date lined with the 2024 Olympic Games, set in Paris.

According to Such a project will focus on three key themes, which includes administering a circular economy, improving sourcing and traceability while fixating on certain aspects of production like distribution and energy.

With a release date of June for 2019 planned for the movement, it appears that a number of brands such as Louis Vuitton are taking on board the fashion-based environmental struggles that have catapulted into a serious sustainability crisis in recent years.

‘When I started out in fashion 20 years ago, no one talked about sustainability, but the world has changed: we are in a situation of ecological disaster,’ commented Lefort on the importance of this community according to

Huge changes are set to ripple from such projects as described not only in fashion but in our general consumer based products which seem to be greatly welcomed by those involved.