Paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week is probably one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world and this season’s showing of what the most famous designers had in store was no different. Designers such as Chanel, Dior and Valentino flaunted their fresh new looks for spring and summer. With the fashion taking centre stage, we cannot forget to look at the hair and makeup trends, and how we can recreate these looks ourselves.
The hair and makeup of the models that graced the catwalks was really fresh, simple and pared back. The looks shown were clean and elegant. The models had defined eyebrows which appeared to be the main focus of the look. Eyeshadow was left to a minimal, with most designers opting for a slight wash of colour rather than doing a really intense look. The makeup artists back stage talked of how they used shades of gold to give a subtle and natural look.
The contour on the models in most shows was quite strong. With such minimal makeup, a strong contour gave the models a really defined face shape, enhancing their natural beauty. Lips again were kept very minimal, with a sheer light pink or nude being the dominant colour choice. The main idea behind the makeup was for it to be transparent and allow the natural beauty of the faces to shine through. The simple makeup styles also allowed the clothes to stand out.
The male models sported very similar makeup to the females with defined eyebrows, a contoured face and simplicity being the main focus of the look. The models appeared as if they had no makeup, adding to the fresh transparency of the looks.
Hair for both men and women followed the same style as the makeup. Simple and elegant with nothing crazy or over the top. Beachy waves and slick up do’s were common occurrences among the designers. The hair appeared as if it was left almost undone. The male models were no different as they showed messy hair looks and had nothing overly styled.
The overall idea behind the makeup looks from the spring/summer Fashion Shows this season was clean and fresh. This is very good news for those who want to recreate these looks this spring/summer, the simple style is something you really want during the hotter months as you don’t want makeup to be too heavy. The simple ‘undone’ hairstyles are easy to do and won’t be a hassle to keep under control.
Paris Fashion Week 2017 definitely offered some inspiration for our summer looks this year. Take inspiration from the simplicity and transparent look and let your natural beauty shine through.