Lady Gaga Set to Launch Own ‘Haus’ Beauty Line

Since the quiet creation of Lady Gaga’s beauty website known as ‘Haus Beauty’, the makeup world has been excitedly anticipating the arrival of a wide range of beauty products by the award-winning actress and singer.

In February of 2018, according to Elle, the name as such has been trademarked by Gaga’s company, Ate my Heart Inc. which was an immediate indication to many of the beauty and skincare brand rumored to be released.

Such connections have been made due to Gaga’s creative team known as ‘The Haus of Gaga’ which create the majority of clothing, props and most importantly, makeup, for the singer.

Prominently known, the style and makeup looks produced by Lady Gaga over her time in the spotlight have been both varied and eccentric.

From intricate meat dresses to 1940’s glamour, the Poker Face singer’s versatility makes for an interesting contribution of makeup products for the beauty community.

It seems the singer is taking inspiration from Rihanna, the nine-time Grammy award-winning singer who launched her Fenty beauty range last year accumulating raging success in both the market and amongst beauty fans.

For Rihanna herself, the brand has now evolved into lingerie and collaborations with Puma and Louis Vuitton to offer her fans a range of products in both fashion and beauty.

Although not confirmed by the singer herself, Gaga’s Haus trademark has been set to cover all items from beauty to perfume and even skincare.

It appears we can expect great things from Gaga in the near future including an inclusive and versatile range of beauty pieces set to be big sellers in this huge market.

Photo credit: Something For Kate