Instagram: a haven for fashion

Instagram is one of the most relevant social media app’s in relation to fashion. Enter #fashion into the search bar and over 246,056,157 posts will appear. 
Whether it be fashion brands advertising their clothing through the site or ordinary people posting their outfit selfie, it’s a hub for fashion.
Through the ‘explore’ page on the app I have found many different accounts and their style is nothing short of fabulous. 
These are some of my favourites:
An Instagram account run by Jeanne Grey of the Grey Layers blog. Think femininity meets masculinity. If you like simple style with lots of black, white and grey then you’re going to love this girl. 
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An account owned by a British girl who is simply called just Alice on the page. This Instagram account is a combination of outfit selfies and photography. She’s very much on trend with her 70’s style. Prepare to see a lot of pinafores, turtlenecks and sweaters. She’s adorable!
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A collection of beautiful outfits worn by various women under one account. From fashion bloggers to celebrities, the outfits are what you could call ‘on point’. With over 1.4 million followers, the account is proving to be a hit worldwide. 
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This account is run by fashion designer and stylist, Natasha Goldenberg. She is ever the fashionista in her mid-length skirts/dresses and mixing patterns. She can also dress a baby bump better than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Her lifestyle will make you almost as jealous as her wardrobe does.  
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