Fairy wands – fairly average?

When Joanne Larby, AKA the Make Up Fairy, announced in November that she was launching a line of makeup brushes (you can read’s interview with the Make-Up Fairy here) every beauty obsessed girl in Ireland went into a frenzy so crazy we resembled ‘beliebers’, circa 2010. After the first pre-order selling out in just twelve minutes, it was clear that these brushes were going to be a hit. Joanne even took to Instagram that night claiming that ‘We broke the internet.’
The packaging of the brushes really stands out, as they come in a bronze gold star with a strap. While the star is pretty, it’s also just a bit awkward and gimmicky. The brushes themselves are described as being ‘tiffany turquoise’ and are absolutely beautiful, while still feeling sturdy.
Having used the brushes for about three weeks now I’ve established some firm favourites in the set, but also a few I’m not so fond of.
The angled concealer brush is probably my personal favourite. This brush has excellent density and works amazingly with any concealer consistency. It also blends really well. I’ve used it to blend out eyeshadow too, and was quite impressed. The buffing foundation brush is probably the one I use most frequently, however, as it gives an even, full coverage.
I was most excited about the structured contour brush because it looks like it would create a very sharp contour. I wasn’t disappointed. This brush does a stunning job at helping you to carve your face like Kim Kardashian. The one problem with it is that it requires a few coats as the brush doesn’t pick up much product.
The eye brushes are all pretty standard. They are good, basic brushes that do their job, but there’s definitely cheaper brushes out there that are just as good. That being said I do love the angle on the eyeliner brush and it makes the daunting task of applying gel eyeliner a little bit easier.
The tapered highlight and blusher brushes are unusual due to their shape. The tapered blending brush reminds me of the ZOEVA 101 Luke definer, but is a bit too wide to use for contouring. It’s a solid brush for blush application, or even for applying powder. The highlight brush is nice too, as the brush picks up and distributes an excellent amount of product.
My least favourite brush in the set is definitely the fluffy powder brush as it is not dense enough to use for powder application. Its sparsity makes it hard to pick up much product. However, it works well for a light dusting of highlighter.
For 90 Euro it’s a decent set, and would be an ideal option for a beginner. Some of the brushes are a bit basic and there are definitely cheaper alternatives on the market. If you’re looking for high-end brushes, you might be a bit disappointed for the price.