Electric picnic fashion essentials

With Electric Picnic fast approaching, I’ve been searching throughout shops and online websites to look festival ready for Electric Picnic. 
I have to say, the sales everywhere are absolutely amazing and these days you can get so many perfect outfits together for a fraction of the price.
I recently made a lot of orders from and the sale section really is full to the brim with bargains so I’d highly recommend checking it out. River Island also has a great sale going on with some really great items.
Everyone wants to look good for festivals, right? There’s almost a uniform for people going to festivals, what people sometimes forget is that we live in Ireland; which means we can’t dress all skimpy like most people can get away with at Coachella or Tomorrowland.
The most important thing is to be prepared for whatever weather arrives on the day. The worst thing is to go to a festival and get absolutely soaking wet and freezing and end up suffering the following week with a flu. 
My advice is to buy a lightweight waterproof jacket; they’re actually very fashionable and are available in most retail shops. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll wear it throughout the weekend as it’s a life saver for the unpredictable weather we have. 
I bought a pocket parka from Penneys before Sea Sessions and I thought it would be really handy because it was scheduled to lash rain for most of the weekend. However, I ended up soaked any way, so it’s worth investing more into a waterproof jacket.
There are many websites that do 100% waterproof jackets with an array of bright colours to choose from, and Zoella showcased waterproofs similar to those in her boohoo ‘Favourites lookbook.’ 
A good one will last a bit of wear and tear that’s expected at festivals since they’re designed for agricultural purposes as well and they will give you your money’s worth.
Since Electric Picnic is in a field, it would be highly unwise for you to not wear boots or wellies. Otherwise your converse, vans and other light wear shoes will be absolutely ruined to the point of no return.
Knee socks under wellies at festivals look seriously cute and are definitely a fashion must; they’re practical yet look great too. Hunter boots are my personal favourites because I like the look of knee high wellies. 
It’s up to you what wellies you want to bring, but I find that the ones that go halfway up the calf aren’t great because mud easily gets into them while you’re walking. Maybe that’s just me because I’m quite tall.
My new favourite thing recently on the festival trends is bodysuits. They range from having cut outs, plunges, crazy colours and more insane patterns. They’re perfect for the festival look you’re hunting for.
For anyone that isn’t 100% sure on what bodysuits are, they are basically like leotards, so access to portaloos is pretty easy. Plus, you get away with being a little risqué or crazy with these, because they are available in so many different designs to spice up your wardrobe. 
The one I’ve bought for EP is marble patterned and has a low back and I was skeptical about wearing it. However, I tried it on and I loved how well it fitted and its bright colours. So it’s definitely coming with me to EP!
Print, print and more print. In festivals, prints are a must have. Everyone usually wears things that resemble the 70s with insane colours and patterns everywhere. 
So whether you’re looking for boho print or retro prints, every single one is welcome at festivals. I usually pair a bold print with basic colours alongside, because as nice as it is to wear prints; I don’t want to look like a 5-year-old’s colouring book either.
Denim made a welcome comeback earlier this year, and it’s definitely going to stick around a little while longer. Dungarees and dungaree dresses are a personal favourite of mine.
Dungarees can either inject a geeky or more quirky vibe into a look with the over the shoulder straps, not to mention how flattering they are too. Choose the colour carefully, you don’t want to bring white dungarees to a muddy field.
What I love about denim is you can mix and match the way you wear it and it goes well with most things. If dungarees aren’t your thing, why not throw on a pair of Levi denim shorts for a 90s chic look?
I personally love the acid wash denim jackets and have already bought myself one to prepare for the long raves into the night at Electric Picnic.
Since summer is the season for it (although Ireland is
questionable) crop tops are making their impact once again in fashion. Except this year, they were highly influenced by the 70s and continue to be with the flared sleeves and bohemian print. 
However, this season they’ve also prepared for festivals as they’ve made some really nice halter crop tops. Moon and stars seems to be a big theme this year, I wonder what it’ll be next?
Last but certainly not least, and one of my favourite accessories is the black fedora hat. Not only is it practical because it’ll keep the sun out of your face, but it also is the perfect finishing touch on most outfits.
It’s a favourite in the celebrity world as well, because while they are off enjoying themselves they’re usually caught on camera wearing these babies. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses; the list is pretty much endless!