Debenhams spring summer collection

With love still well and truly in the air, Debenhams have put together some of the prettiest lingerie around. We love this silk kimono draped over this feminine lingerie top. 
While these sexy two pieces will have you feeling super confident and ready to strut your stuff in the boudoir.
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We’ve seen how Moschino are using fast-food labels in their designs. Well now Debenhams are having a crack at it, with these fabulous clutch bags.  This popcorn shoulder bag will give the infamous McDonalds clutch a run for its money, and for a fraction of the price, what’s not to love?
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With a nod to 90s, Debenhams are injecting some fun into their collection with a touch of metallic. We here at Campus fashion are all over this metallic clutch bag and these snake print strappy muels. Paired together with a simple LBD and you’re ready to go from summer BBQ, straight into town.
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With college ball season just around the corner, Debenhams has you covered with all your dress, shoes and accessory needs. Whether it’s a full-length ball gown you’re after, or a girly cocktail dress that takes your fancy, then look no further.
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Bold colours are going to be huge this Spring/Summer, so why not opt for a statement pink, red or royal blue number? And the best part is – they’re super versatile. Have a summer wedding coming up? Something as simple as a changing a curly blow-dry to an up-do, or adding a shawl to your shoulders will give these dresses a new lease of life.
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While it’s difficult to imagine stepping into a bikini with the weather still in single figures, believe it or not, bikini season will sneak up on you faster than you can say the words “one large Big Mac meal please!”
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While to some, the thoughts of stepping out of a baggy hoodie and into a skimpy bikini is daunting to say the least, Debenhams are offering this amazing high-waisted, long sleeved bikini in royal blue. So now bikini season can be everyone’s friend.