Christmas day fashion

Christmas is fast approaching and you’re still stuck for something to wear for the day. If you’re sick of wearing the novelty Christmas jumper, a trend that has swept across the nation in the past few years, here are some other ideas on how to get the most out of your Christmas wardrobe.
1. Christmas Shirt.
Controversial, I know. This year Ryan Tubridy wore a Christmas shirt on the Toy Show and people were up in arms. “A jumper or naught!”, Twitter cried. However, why not break away from ill-fitting jumpers and try a Christmas shirt. By the end of Christmas day, the house is overly warm because of all the cooking, unnecessary fire and the mass of people in the house, so a Christmas shirt is perfect so you don’t over heat.
2. Velvet.
So, you’re not feeling the Christmas jumper or shirt this year, why not try one the season’s main trends: velvet. Velvet is everywhere from the runway to the high street. So why not try it out for Christmas dinner? You can wear a velvet top with black high waisted jeans, or a velvet dress paired with ankle boots. Make this trend your own and rock it on Christmas day.
3. Lace.
You can’t go wrong with a bit of lace detail, can you? Pick up a blouse with some delicate lace detailing around the neck line and wrists to make you look feminine and sophisticated. It’s easy to go overboard with lace blouses and end up looking like a doily. The touch of lace in certain areas will really make your outfit pop. And if you’re headed out on Stephen’s Night you can get more racy lace tops that might not be appropriate at your nana’s table!
4. Metallic Details.
I’m not advising you wear a full metallic outfit but metals are all the rage. From makeup to accessories to full pieces of clothing, metals are everywhere. If you’re feeling brave then by all means wear a metallic jumper or skirt. But if you’re fainter of heart, why not try metallic details. Try a blouse with metal details around the neckline. Or if you want to try something bolder try almost woollen fabrics that keep the metallic look more sedated and pulled back, than knitted, sheer metallic looks that will make your mother drop the turkey!
5. Christmas Onesie.
You’re on holidays, take a break from getting dressed up and wear your new Christmas jammies. Feeling lazy? Just sit up with a selection box and onesie in front of a Christmas classic and maybe a bottle of wine. (Sure go on it’s Christmas!) The cringier the pyjamas the better!