Chanel to Launch Makeup Brand For Men

Men have been interested in beautifying themselves ever since make-up was invented, and now it seems Chanel believes there is a gap in the market for male-specific products.

With many famous male make-up artists across the globe including Manny Mua and James Charles, beauty products and men are nothing new.

Brands such as Clinique, Tom Ford, and DTRT have been selling BB creams, concealers, and bronzers for years now, but Chanel is the first to launch a specific brand for the male consumer.

According to Elle, the beauty line is called ‘Boy de Chanel’, not a reference to gender but rather to the name of Coco Chanel’s first love, Boy Capel.

Foundations, concealers, brow tints and pencils, including lip balm, are among the products we can expect from this line.

Although the diversity seems welcomed in the beauty community it also brings to question the need for products specifically for men.

Surely make-up is already non-gender specific in its natural form? Aside from perhaps packaging and marketing tactics, skin types, shades, and personal taste do not differ greatly between the sexes. With this in mind, it’s difficult to know how successful such a beauty brand will be.

Boy de Chanel has been on sale in South Korea since September and is expected to be available internationally this month.