Blogger of the moment and p.s she’s irish

From her quirky Snapchat stories (@thebeauttruth) to her endless and amazing blog at, Sinead Kavanagh is an all-rounder, and did I mention she is Irish? Recently featured on her Snapchat was the new SoSueMe highlighter palette and yes, it does look as amazing as they say.
Sinead has some great tips on all things skincare related and much more. She appeared in last month’s Stellar so if you have a copy of the magazine, keep a look out for her!
I didn’t meet Sinead in a luxury five star hotel, I had to rely on modern technology to ask her the following questions. Here are just a few words on what she has to say about her blog.
For those who don’t know who you are, can you tell me what your blog is about?
‘The Beautiful Truth’ is predominately a beauty blog, with the odd fashion, lifestyle and even baby post thrown in. It is just a space where I can share my ramblings about makeup and get a chance to write!
How did you come up with the blogs name ‘The Beautiful Truth’?
It was actually my husband who came up with the name. I had already called it “Princess Twinkletoes blog”. I kid you not. He convinced me that I needed to be more professional with the name. He came up with ‘The Beautiful Truth’ when we were out one night and I was chatting about how I wanted to give both the good and the bad side of products and be a little more truthful in my reviews. And so ‘The Beautiful Truth’ was born over a pint of Guinness’s and a glass of wine in Mc Daids.
What got you into blogging?
Without getting all woe is me, in 2013 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I knew I was going to be off work for a while and needed a distraction. It meant each day I was off work, I got up in the morning and treated the blog as my new “job”. I took pictures and wrote blog posts and focused on building my social media to keep my mind busy. It worked too!
Any product you couldn’t live without?
The list of products I can’t live without is endless! I am a product junkie! Skincare would have to be Environ Vitamin A cream for anti-ageing and the Image Illuma serum to brighten up my skin. For makeup, without a shadow of a doubt, I would die a slow and painful death without Becca’s Champagne pop highlighter in my life. It is expensive, but my God it is a beauty!
What do you and your blog ‘The Beautiful Truth’ hope for for the future?
I have never really put any pressure on myself as to where I want the blog to go. It has grown massively since I started 3 years ago and I think it is because I don’t push it as a career choice. I think anyone getting into blogging should look at it in the same way. It is a very small few that can go full time with their blog.
Check out Sinead’s blog at We will definitely be seeing more of her in the future!