Back to college must-haves

I would like to say goodbye to a sun drenched summer, however, this article will only serve to prepare you for a more severe form of what these Irish shores are suffering.
College beckons its wide arms as thousands of students, old and new, flock to different corners of the country, to celebrate freedom, the ability to go out five times a week, living off Coco Pops and dabbling in some romantic adventures. 
There is just one thing though, you must look the part.
Think oversized, soft, cuddle-me-close cardigans, which have taken up residence on the high street. Penneys, New Look and H&M are particularly reasonable with a wide range of colours and styles.
Every girl needs one of these to snuggle into as Professor whats-his-name discusses the day-by-day plan of the academic year. 
While you’re at it, a nice beanie wouldn’t go astray to keep locks in place if any rowdy rains decide to pour down between lectures.
An umbrella is a must have for any college student in Ireland. Tiger have a very pretty selection nationwide if you are looking for some nice patterns to stand out from the cloud. 
Or, if you are like me and you either break or lose every umbrella you own on a rota of two weeks, Penneys and Dunnes have cheap enough offers to keep you ticking throughout the year.
It is absolutely inexcusable to not own a pair of boots this winter. These are ideal for walking to college on rainy autumn and winter days to keep your feet dry and fashion conscious. 
New Look do a fantastic range of ankle boots, suede over the knee boots as well as leather boots with a lace up detail at just €35 (not including a student discount). 
Similarly Penneys has a similar range for a smaller budget, their boots can be seen making their stamp already as the shelves are emptied of their leather boots, retailing at just €19, available in black or a beautiful burgundy.
Every girl needs a coat this winter. Penneys have brought back their popular anorak from last season, available in green with a fur hood. Or if it is the sophisticated look you’re after, they have a slowly dwindling supply of raincoats, available in beige and dark blue for under €20.
Depending on your personal style, I always find it helpful to buy a healthy dose of whatever you are into, whether it be cute dresses and tights with pumps, or jeans and a sweater, or leggings and an oversized hoodie – a new semester calls for some basics. 
Buying about five or six new main items that you can rotate and wear regularly to lectures is a huge time saver. Throw on a college/ society hoodie and you’re all set!
Last but not least, invest in a sensible, yes girls, a sensible yet stylish bag that can manage pens, refill pads, whatever twentieth century book you’re supposed to be reading and a water bottle. 
Whether it is a shoulder bag, a backpack or a gym bag, choose one with a comfortable strap that isn’t going to give you back and shoulder aches. Also ensure it is a bag that the Irish weather can’t get into and destroy all of your notes.
Photo: Lili Vieira de Carvalho