Are Sheet Masks Really the Secret to Glowing Skin?

Sheet masks have become an overwhelming popular trend in beauty and skincare circles in recent years. It is adored by many as a revolutionary product for the glowing skin we all long to attain.

However, with loud shouts of admiration for these type of face masks, there have also been questions into how much it actually benefits all skin types.

Firstly, what makes it different from the traditional face mask? In comparison to the general wash and peel off face masks we are used to for our skincare treatments, the sheet mask, as the name states, offers its product in the form of a thin generic sheet that fits all face sizes with a section cut out for your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Originating from South Korean beauty treatments, the sheet mask is said to offer a more in-depth and penetrative moisture to the skin as the mask is soaked in hydrating serum.

This product also puts an emphasis on its ability to give its users glowing skin as the serum that is used takes longer to soak in. So how does it work?

According to, as these sheet masks are soaked in both hydrating serum and beneficial ingredients to the skin like vitamins and minerals, it is not only kind to skin but also offers an inexpensive method to achieve glowing skin.

Some cautionary points noted, however, is to not leave the mask on longer than indicated as this runs the risk of overindulging the skin in this serum which may cause pores to be clogged and in turn cause blemishes or acne.

In short, throughout the skincare community, it appears that these sheet masks are beneficial to those who are looking for a budget-friendly way to get a dewy, fresh look but following the instructions indicated is a sure way for this product to work its magic.

And as is expected, I have no doubts that we will see even further variations of such products in the near future.
Photo credit: CushySpa Facial Sheet Mask