Anti aging prevention

Turn to Google to find the best age to begin wearing anti-ageing creams and serums and you will be inundated with a mix of answers.
Some claim we should begin as young adults on the brink of our 20’s, while others claim that it is not necessary until we hit our 30’s.
Much advice comes from seasoned skin care professionals with differing opinions on the subject, so it is clear to see why so many people are confused, and often give up on finding answers.
However this continuous discussion is halted with the introduction of scientific fact, which states that, at the age of 26, skin begins to break down more collagen than it makes.
Though premature ageing is usually a result of cumulative sun damage and genetics, years of over-indulging with food and alcohol, which often result in nights of falling asleep while wearing makeup, play their own role.
A common misconception with skin care and anti-ageing is that the best time to start using the assortment of creams advertised to us is when we see that first hint of a wrinkle.
The preventative care necessary to maintain our youthful looks should begin at 26, according to skin analyst, beauty consultant and owner of Skin26, Cáit Earley.
Skin26, recently opened in Limerick, offers the city an alternative and unique option for skincare and treatment.
Ms Earley, having travelled for most of her adult years, gaining experience in her field, saw a “gap in the market” after returning from Australia shortly before Christmas.
“I travelled a lot and picked up different parts of beauty therapy and skincare and different kinds of aspects that I have now amalgamated into my own.”
The name of this establishment relates back to Ms Earley’s advice. “The market gap I saw here was with anti-ageing and when you need to start looking after your skin and address skin concerns, around the age of 26,” she continued.
After seeing that anti-ageing is not fully addressed in Ireland, Ms Earley scrapped plans to return to Australia and put her wealth of experience to use.
“I used to be the national skin analyst of Environ, so I covered Ireland for two years and then I realised what was wrong with Irish skin in particular,” she said.
Often, people don’t take the necessary precautions in preventing premature ageing because of the high prices that are associated with name-brand products.
But there are always less-costly equivalents that offer the same advantages.
Morning Routine 
Mornings are hectic for everyone, whether you are rushing out the door for college, work or seeing your family off for the day. However taking the time to utilise the benefits of antioxidants will prove valuable to your skin.
Using products that contain peptides and plant stem cells will create a shield for your skin with a protective layer of antioxidants, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, addresses inflammation, tightens the skin, aids in scar treatment and repairs sun damage.
Aveeno’s Positively Radiant, targeted tone corrector, is perfect for quick and easy morning applications, priced at an economical €13.99.
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Night Routine
The temptation to forgo the boring, nightly skincare regimen is always strong, but realistically it’s a simple price to pay to eliminate a future wrinkle or two.
Retinol is the prescribed ingredient before bedtime, because it increases cell cycle turnover and promotes collagen, in turn, decreasing pore size.
Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin, anti-wrinkle cream, is a lightweight, non-greasy way to ensure your skin is treated with retinol, at the reasonable price of €16.99.
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As we go about our day-to-day business, exposure to the sun is the biggest threat to our skin and greatly speeds up the ageing process.
Most foundations already contain sunscreen, with a usual SPF of an approximate 15, but for those with a fair complexion, an application of sunscreen with a stronger SPF is suggested, even on those frosty winter days.
Though 26 is the recommended age for addressing the ageing process, making the effort to be aware of natural skin care treatments and what the anti-ageing process  entails can be only beneficial for the future.