9 a.m makeup call

College days can be tough enough, never mind looking presentable. What with having submitted two essays the night before and spending the duration of your ‘sleep’ worrying about whether you’ve done it right, by morning you are more exhausted than you were before hitting the hay.
No wonder you wake up an hour earlier than needed to whack on a makeup look you don’t even feel comfortable in, to cover the bags under your eyes. Especially when you take pride in how you look, you want your makeup to reflect that. But the time spent in the morning before catching the bus to do makeup is unnecessary, by following these tips you might be able to get a few extra minutes in bed and look your best before taking on the college day.
Preparation is key.
Having your outfit ready the night before makes getting up at silly o’clock to go to college a little bit easier; the same can be said for your makeup. If you’re a makeup lover like myself, you want to have your favourite products on your face to get you through those long lectures in the mornings. Have an idea of what look you’re going for and how long it’s going to take you. A personal favourite of mine at the minute is Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to apply and sinks into the skin so that very little blending is needed; gorgeous!
Have your essentials with you always. This gives you extra time to rest as you have all your main products with you to apply and reapply throughout the day. I’m not saying pack the entire contents of your makeup bag into your handbag, but the stuff you know you’ll want to have with you – a good powder (and brush), lip gloss, mascara etc.
Start with a good base.
Make sure the night before that you have cleansed your face with some sort of moisturising cream so that everything you’re applying to your face the next morning will sit well and blend nicely. Then in the morning I like to use Simple Cleanser and Toner on the skin and then apply my moisturiser before putting on my makeup. But remember, some days your look will not be amazing – it takes time to really get good at knowing what works and what doesn’t for your skin. But don’t worry, you have four years’ worth of a degree to practice.
Keep it simple.
You’re in college, not on a night out. Always remember to play it simple, people will appreciate your effort but will question the amount of effort. If you rock up to a 9am lecture winged out and contour on fleek you can be sure you’ll only stick out like a sore thumb. Take pride in your ability to look well, but if you’ve spent more time getting ready then having a good rest and breakfast then you’ll be bowing out of the day early, even if your highlight is stunning.
The more you stress about how you look the less likely it will be you even make it to your 9am. So, keep it natural, simple and to the point. Stop setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than needed to do your makeup, set yourself a goal to be blended and beautiful in ten minutes. You still have time to have a bit of brekkie and you always have your essentials with you to reapply. The goal is to look less like a zombie and more like a human being.