Paris Set Plans to be Sustainable Fashion Capital by 2024

Statements made by former fashion journalist Isabelle Lefort describe the plans for a new community titled ‘Paris Good Fashion’ which will aim to bring forth more environmentally aware fashion

How They Came to be: Vera Wang

When it comes to creating a fashion legacy it seems that some famous names appear overnight, born to be design superstars. However, this is not always the case. Take a look at Vera Wang, for

Chanel to Launch Makeup Brand For Men

Men have been interested in beautifying themselves ever since make-up was invented, and now it seems Chanel believes there is a gap in the market for male-specific products. With many famous male

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Sheet masks have become an overwhelming popular trend in beauty and skincare circles in recent years. It is adored by many as a revolutionary product for the glowing skin we all long to attain.

Lady Gaga Set to Launch Own ‘Haus’ Beauty Line

Since the quiet creation of Lady Gaga’s beauty website known as ‘Haus Beauty’, the makeup world has been excitedly anticipating the arrival of a wide range of beauty products by the

Five St Patrick’s Day Looks - On A Budget

Welcome back to another edition of’s Monday Five, where each week we bring you, you’ve guessed it, five of the top trends, moments styles, bargains, films, songs etc. We like to keep