Campus Meets: MUA Caroline Conroy

Makeup is a huge part of a lot of girls’ lives. You started by playing with your mum’s or older sister’s makeup, until they eventually bought you your own eye-shadows and lip-gloss. You went to

Top tips for a perfect tan

We all know the struggles of trying to get that perfect golden tan, but it isn’t always easy. I am by no means a qualified beauty professional, but I do love a tan. I’ve picked up some

Microblading - the latest eyebrow trend

It’s safe to say that eyebrows have become one of our most significant facial features, and whether you like them arched, thick, thin or fluffy there are multiple ways of achieving the ‘perfect

Your guide to false tan this summer

The sun has come out as we could only expect as we get ever closer to exam season. However, if you don’t have time to lay soaking up some rays, false tan is the next best thing.   I am a

Top inglot muas

What’s an ‘MUA’- or as the lads call it, ‘a moo-wa’? Well, for those who aren’t as interested in makeup as others, the letters M U A stand for ‘Make-Up Artist’- get the abbreviation

#ad - how beauty bloggers make their money

A handful of years ago, you couldn’t have imagined that people would be making a living out of talking to cameras in the comfort of their own home. Here we are in 2017, the UK have left the EU,