That’s my generation man

Blindboy appeared on last Friday’s Late Late Show alongside a number of other panellists including broadcaster Ivan Yates and Irish author Martina Devlin to discuss this year’s 1916 commemorations.
However, the Limerick comedian appeared to steal the show as he argued that those within the 18 to mid 30’s age-group have yet to feel the benefits of Ireland’s economic upturn over the last number of years.
“My generation can’t afford houses; my generation can’t afford to have children. My generation are either leaving the country or jumping in rivers. That’s my generation, man,” Blindboy told host Ryan Tubridy.
He went on to say that his generation have been left behind by neoliberalist economic policies.
“We are dealing with neoliberalist economic policies, which mean that the resources of the county are being sold for private interests and, as a result, my generation are screwed,” he continued.
Viewers quickly took to Twitter to praise the straight-talking comedian, with some even calling for him to run for presidency.
“#Blindboy for president! Speaking the truth as always!!,” JJ Hartigan tweeted.
Irish model Meghan Scully also tweeted her support for the proposal, adding “I’d happily stay living in Ireland if Blindboy was calling the shots.”
Fiona Fitzpatrick echoed this sentiment, commenting online: “Maybe our politicians should listen to #Blindboy from @Rubberbandits on @RTELateLateShow He summed up where we are! #2016.”
Caroline Kanza added: #Blindboy obviously a hugely intelligent guy. Talking a lot of sense. Wish he’d take off the plastic bag and run for office #LateLateShow.”
TV and radio presenter Síle Seoige also wrote: “Catching up on the 1916 discussion #LateLateShow. One panellist. Oh dear. But, Blindboy of the @Rubberbandits was brilliant.”