Monday’s Five Top Twitter Moments Today

Happy Monday – although it may not feel like one. Here at we thought we’d keep you in the know with today’s top moments on twitter. Our top five trending were…

1. Rip Heath Ledger: Ten years on

#10yearswithoutHeath was trending today to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of 28 year-old Australian actor Heath Ledger. Known for his haunting portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight, Ledger was a well-regarded actor, soon to be director and father when he died suddenly in 2008. Today he is remembered world wide for his commitment to his craft especially his joker diary, showing how in depth his character truly went.

2. Tokyo Holds first North Korean Missile attack drill:

A tweet I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. Citizens of Tokyo huddled into an amusement park basement and a subway station. A volunteer ran around during the drill shouting, ‘a missile was launched’ in the Japanese capital. Pyongyang has test-fired several missiles over the country in the last few months. It was the first drill of its kind to be executed in the city since World War Two. Images show residents fleeing from the streets and heading for cover underground.

3. Apple partners with Malala to support girls’ education:

Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, is partnering with the Pakistani activist in an attempt to make access to education available to all girls, for a 12-year period. The company has pledged to expand the reach of the Malala Fund and offer girls supports so they can not only have a quality education, but a better quality of life. The young activist is also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate and has gone on to champion girl’s education ever since.

4. Amazon Go store opens:

The future is finally here, or at least according to Amazon who have just opened their first smart shop in Downtown Seattle. The store is like any other, you can grab a quick bite to eat for on the go, pick up all you need to make your dinner, all the essentials with one added extra: no cashiers, no tills, no queues, just pick up what you need and go. Less time wasted, and e-receipts that go straight to your phone, so you can track what you’re spending. This is the first store of its kind to be opened in the US but in time it looks like Amazon will be rolling out worldwide in phase two. Just download the app, swipe as you go in and pick up what you need, and as soon as you walk out it’ll be billed to your account.

5. Slayer announce farewell tour in 2018:

Any metal head out there will recognise the name Slayer as Metal Hall of famers. The band that has been ongoing for the last 37 years has announced that they are heading on their farewell tour in 2018, in a tweet posted by Slayer today a video of the bands rise to fame and their success over the years accompanied the caption ‘The End is Near… #Slayer to tour the world one more time…’.

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