WIN – two tickets to Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown live at Olympia Theatre on Friday 19th October


Roy Chubby Brown is back in Dublin for one night only at The Olympia Theatre!

Get ready for a barn-storming night of jokes, banter and hilarious mickey-taking from Britain’s most outrageous comedian, bar none! Laugh till it hurts as Chubby rips into his live audiences with a non-stop battering ram of laugh-out-loud comedy guaranteed! 

Roy “Chubby” Brown is a modern day phenomenon. He has become a huge superstar without appearing on television, some may say his success is because he does not appear on our T.V screens.

His outrageous material is considered by many to be offensive, however he has always warned his audience “If easily offended please stay away” .This warning has worked in his favour, forbidden fruit!

His comic appearance multi-coloured funny suit and flying helmet is not far removed from the traditional circus clown. His delivery, style, comic songs, funny walk/dance is all contained in a genuinely funny man.

He is a lovely man off-stage and it is a joy to be in his company, he laughs at himself, (well he is 19 stones) his wife, other people, and life itself. His material is never static, he reviews the newspapers every day and will constantly find comedy within. His philosophy, find one funny piece every day, over a year that is a lot of material.

Famous for being known as Britain’s rudest, bluest comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown has entertained and offended the masses. Now in his astonishing autobiography, he reveals the man behind the success and controversy, with an extraordinary story of hardship, heartache, fame and grim determination. Common as Muck! Is the story of a man who has had to struggle hard to get where he is, and fight even harder to stay there.

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