WIN two tickets to Fair Balls T’Yis at Dublin Fringe Festival!

Internationally renowned Belgian acting company CAMPO present het KIP’s Fair Balls T'Yis : A Football Opera at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival from 10th – 15th September at The Samuel Beckett Theatre.

Performed by a 50 True Blues and not just about singing this performance is a look at the highs and lows of the Dubs, Hill 16, match days and the love of GAA.

het Kip previously made the show with soccer supporters in in Ghent in Belgium and have gone on to create other local versions across Europe with help from Dublin GAA fans they are localising it for their first GAA encounter.

The piece traces the rollercoaster of emotion experienced by supporters when wearing the blue shirt, examining what divides and ultimately unites fans.

More info here. Check out the full Dublin Fringe Festival programme here.

Check out the Belgian version of Fair Balls T'Yis below.