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Across the remotest mountains, deepest fjords and treacherous arctic tundra of Norway, the most dangerous and secretive of occupations has gone unnoticed for hundreds of years.  By the dark of the night, one brave, mysterious man protects the innocent from an ancient and deadly threat without reward or glory.  He is the legendary TROLL HUNTER.

Investigating a spate of bear shootings, a group of students soon become suspicious of a mysterious loner in a beaten up Land Rover who has been spotted at every incident.  When they decide to follow him across the country, they soon realise dead bears aren’t the worst of their problems, they’ve stumbled upon the last remaining TROLL HUNTER and he’s their only hope.

Norway’s box office smash was written and directed by Andre Ovredal, TROLL HUNTER stars Glenn Tosterud, Otto Jesperson, Johanna Mørck and Tomas Alf Larsen.

Fairytales become reality in Troll Hunter