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For their new release, Bloodless Coup, the group wanted to return to a more traditional way of recording. As in, write the songs. Rehearse the songs. Record the songs. In a recording studio. With other humans. And leave it alone.

The record is about the idea that momentous change often happens in subtle or benign or lateral ways. Like realizing that you'll now never do certain things. Our own country's economic implosion. Stepping up with grace and holding a loved one as they slip away. Losing one's religion.  

But it's also about how, through friendships and shared human experience, the good will win out.

Editors released their third album, ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ in 2009. The record represents a significant step forward for the band following the huge successes of debut album ‘The Back Room’ and the Number One follow up ‘An End Has A Start’.

Renowned for their explosive live performances, there have been many changes to life in Editors since ‘An End Has A Start’ broke the band worldwide and established the then Birmingham based four piece as one of the UK’s most prominent bands of recent times.