Win a week’s worth of Soul Soup

So you’re starting a new year of college. Congrats! For most of us that means straying away from mums best lasagne and shepherd’s pie and resigning ourselves to the reality of eating chicken fillet rolls on a daily basis and the odd egg sambo for dinner. Not ideal.

We’re here to tell you it needn’t come to that. ‘Soul Soup’ has just launched an exciting, healthy new meal option for students in Dublin. They’re making and delivering the freshest, healthiest soups all around Dublin, just like your granny used to make.

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Having graduated college last year, Lloyd, who founded Soul Soup knows how hard it can be to stay on top of healthy eating throughout college. “It can be very tough. Cheap food is usually the stuff that’s not all that good for us, and we know how important a balanced diet is.” In setting up Soul Soup he wanted to be able to provide affordable, healthy soups to students across the city, helping them fill up on healthy ingredients as they go about their student lives.

“I’ve always been motivated by trying to help people get the best out of themselves. If my soups help someone forego a chicken fillet roll one lunchtime and fill up on ingredients that constitute two of their five a day, then I’m a happy guy. All of our soups are vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free while still being absolutely delicious.”

“We’re quite a funky, student oriented brand, making all of our soups at our base just opposite UCD and delivering them on our Soup-Bike (an adapted 1980’s racer!). For me it’s all about bringing people a little bit of a happiness with their soup and a bit of an all round pick me up. Everyone loves the taste of good soup, and ours comes with a smile.”

Was it hard setting up a business just out of college? “I’d say it was exciting. Once I settled on the idea of adapting my Mum and Gran’s soups and selling them, it definitely has been a challenge, but an exciting one. I see my friends all going back to do masters and I’m chuffed for them, but I couldn’t find a course I fancied enough to spend big bucks on it.  I was also always motivated by the idea of being an entrepreneur which I believe can help get the country back on its feet!”

To celebrate their launch on October 1st, Soul Soup are delighted to offer readers of the chance to win a week’s worth of Soup, delivered on their Soup-Bike.

To be in with a chance of winning this prize simply comment below to tell us the two ways you can order your Soul Soup.

If you’d like to get your hands on some lovely homemade soup now however, you can order online here or over the phone by calling 0876046643, sit back and await delivery.

You can also follow Soul Soup on Facebook here.