WIN – a group pass to Wakedock at Grand Canal Dock

Wakedock is Ireland’s first cable wakeboard park, located in the heart of the Dublin Docklands area.

Their System 2.0 is ideal for beginners to learn wakeboarding. They have two obstacles, a kicker and a slider, which guarantee tons of fun for more advanced riders. Only one wakeboarder uses the cable at any time, which means that every session is a 1:1 with Wakedok's qualified wakeboard instructors who are operating the cable. The speed can be adjusted to the riders abilities and after a fall, the cable is stopped and the handle brought back to the rider – there is no need to swim to the quayside or back to the start pontoon.

Wakedock offers

Cable wakeboarding is an increasingly popular sport that is already well established internationally with more than 400 cable parks around the world. It has recently been short listed alongside seven other sports for the Olympic Games in 2020.

How does it work?

Essentially, the wakeboard cable replaces the boat and pulls the rider along a course. The System 2.0 that is installed in the Grand Canal Dock has two towers and one rider uses the cable on their own and can continuously ride along the course between the two towers.

Because there is only one person on the cable, it means that if they fall, the operator can drive the handle back to them and they can get up again right there. There is no need to swim to the quayside or back to the start platform. That means the rider gets maximum ride time on the cable!

The System 2.0 is perfect for beginners to learn wakeboarding and ideal for more advanced riders to practice their tricks and hit the obstacles.

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