Congratulations to Rachael Black who won two tickets to Mr. Scruff in The Button Factory!!!


Mr. Scruff  is the recording name of Andy Carthy, a British DJ and artist. He lives in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and studied fine art in Sheffield Hallam University. Before he made a living from his music alone, he worked as a shelf-stacker.

Mr. Scruff’s name is inspired by his scruffy facial hair, as well as his trademark loose-lined drawing style. He has been DJing since 1994 nationwide. He is known for DJing in marathon sets (often exceeding 6 hours) and the quirky home-produced visuals and animations associated with his music.

The albums “Keep It Unreal” and “Trouser Jazz” were released under the label Ninja Tune. His most notable hit “Get a Move On” has been used in several commercials ranging from Lincoln and Volvo automobiles to France Telecom and GEICO insurance.

In 2008, Mr. Scruff released “Southport Weekender Volume 7”, a double album released in the Southport Weekender series, recorded in a purpose-built holiday village in Southport, Merseyside. The first disc was mixed by German nu jazz DJs Jazzanova, and the second was mixed by M. Scruff.

Mr. Scruff’s album and single cover art, music videos, merchandise and his official website are noted for their cartoonish look. The cartoons are drawn by himself, in a “potato style”. These images and animations are projected onto large screens during his gigs.

In 2008, a new independent record label, Ninja Tuna was founded, a collaboration between Scruff and the Ninja Tune label. His most recent singles and the album Ninja Tuna were released on the new label.

Mr. Scruff will be DJing at The Button Factory from 9pm on Friday 16th March. Tickets are €22.50 and are on sale at