College Life

Why I thought Journalism and DCU was the right choice for me

A BA in Journalism is very broad, it contains so many modules so there is something to suit everyone. In the first semester, we get a broad understanding of what being a journalist entails. This includes an introduction to journalism module, a politics module, a legal systems module, news writing module, and a critical thinking and independent learning module.

Next semester we will delve into the more technical side of journalism with modules like digital media skills, news reporting, ethics of journalism and news editing. Joining clubs and societies is a must. In DCU we are spoiled for choice with the wide range of societies available, including the Media Production Society, The Journalism Society which produces DCU’s student newspaper The College View, along with many more which will not only look amazing on your CV it will help you get used to and enjoy college life.

My advice for people who don’t know what to study in college is to look up the courses you are interested in. There are many great websites out there that will make this tedious part a little easier including websites such as Qualifax and Careers Portal.

I would advise going to as many open days as possible, this is where you can ask the questions you can’t find the answers to online and get a feel for the college you could be spending the next three to four years of your life in.

For me, I chose DCU because of its vibrant campus, its amazing range of societies and its reputation in the journalism industry. When I walked into DCU on its open day, I could sense the opportunities that would = be on offer to me. It is in close proximity to the city centre, it has great facilities including a brand new Student Hub called the U which is a great centre point for the students of DCU.

On the DCU’s open day they gave us a tour of the TV studio and the radio studio and for me that was the ultimate selling point for why I wanted to study there. I would strongly encourage fifth and sixth-year students to visit as many open days as possible and to keep their options open.

Sometimes a third level college isn’t for everyone. Nowadays there are amazing opportunities outside of third level education including Post Leaving Cert courses and apprenticeships. There is something for everyone so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find that dream career path right away.