College Life

What’s it Like Being a DCU Student?

DCU regularly hits the headlines with stories such as when students tried to save a student from being deported with the #SaveOurShepherd campaign and when the Accounting and Finance society came under fire last semester.

Not to mention, the time when all DCU students accidentally received an email saying: “A black dildo with the reg ‘your ma’ is blocking the entrance to a house on Shanowen Road. Could the owner please move it as soon as possible.” There’s always something going on in DCU.

The university has such a welcoming community. Whether there are puppies on campus or if Nicky Byrne is strolling around, there’s always something happening. The Students Union and Clubs and Societies are what made me feel so accepted. Every Sunday evening you can hear the wheels of the suitcases coming down the cobbled paths and awaiting is an adventurous week at DCU.

DCU students are fond of their chicken and throughout my time in DCU, there have been protests regarding the goujons in the student bar, Nubar and the chicken fillet rolls in Londis. When there was a rise in price on their favorite lunch options, students took to Twitter to stand in solidarity and get their money’s worth.

Every Tuesday evening you can overhear one student ask another, “are you going to Shite Nite later?” this is the place where students come together to listen to the worst music and drink the worst drink which results in being a great night. Entry costs two euro but some students are lucky enough to own a Blue Card (similar to a Coppers gold card) which are issued to students who are dedicated to this spectacular night.

But some students spend their time in the library instead. The walk to the John & Aileen O’Reilly Library on the Glasnevin campus is dreadful when you’ve had a stressful day and heavy bag, the walk from the Henry Grattan to the library is not ideal. The library is a great place to meet friends and constantly take study breaks.

Overall, taking a break from academic studies and getting involved allows students to develop their skills in a supportive environment. Being a DCU student improves your social life and help you make lifelong friends as well as creating memories and Twitter trends. #Bringbackourgoujon.

Photo credit: Dublin City University