College Life

Unrequited College Romance – From Crush to Crushed

Unrequited love. Here I am, still holding on to the advice I got from Georgia Nicolson and her bloody elastic band theory, that you have to play hard to get while the guy decides what he wants. That girl was nuts. Nevertheless, as an intelligent, young woman with heaps of maturity (or so I like to believe), I reckon erasing any memory of anything that chick brainwashed me with, is a step in a positive di-rection. Perhaps to a more fruitful future. Because quite frankly, the girl hasn’t done me any favours eleven years on. Honestly Georgia, I trusted you!

One thing in life, a lot of us have to face – some of us more than others unfortunately – is the heart-wrenching realisation that the person we liked is just not that into us. For the most part, if someone is interested they’ll make their interest known, so if you’re sat wondering whether someone likes you or not, the answer is usually quite plain and simple despite what your overworked brain is leading you to believe. However long it takes to get the idea in your head, once reality hits, you can allow yourself to be free of the clutches of your ‘faux-past’ and move on.

But in all seriousness, if you are in college and the apple of your eye doesn’t want a bit of you, believe it or not there is a chance that your romantic interest is just more focused on their studies. Much like you should be too.

To be honest I could do with having a little pep talk with myself. For God’s sake woman, you’re not gonna add to that thesis word count wondering when one of the library boyfriends is going to return from his break. How dare he leave without telling you? But bless, the poor soul has not had a notion.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

This isn’t the best way to get over someone, just finding another looker that catches your eye? It can’t be too hard if you’re in college with likeminded individuals swarming all over the place. I hear the library holds countless opportunities to meet the love of your life. But the college bar where a bit of Dutch courage is ever present, will probably do the job just fine. And in the midst of being occupied by another, often, one may notice the OG finally beginning to pay some attention to you. You do not have to write them off for good. Leave them on the back burner, you have nothing to lose.

Delete. Block. Unfollow.

So you have come to the realisation that your eye contact is just becoming outdated and possibly predacious – subtlety is a gift only graced upon some. Chances are you don’t even know their name which lucky for you is a godsend. But if you are in “social media kahoots” with said potential suitor, I’m sorry but the cure in this case is hitting that unfollow button because we’re not doing ourselves any favours otherwise.

Having the chats

There’s nothing more therapeutic than listening to your friends harp on about how much better you are than this person who can’t see how great you are or who hasn’t registered your existence yet). Call me vain, but we all need that fond reassurance every now and again to get us thriving, back on our feet again and ready to make some moves. Here’s the thing. I don’t know you, but you’re probably brilliant! A real catch! The bee’s knees! So don’t let yourself feel down over someone you don’t actually know. Oh it’s hard, but we’ll surely try.