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Top tips for enjoying your Christmas night out: the pre-plan

Christmas is all about getting together with friends and family for a good time. For us students, the holidays are an important time – it’s about the only free time we have, unless you’re the poor soul with exams after the break.

When you’re heading out, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re prepped for the best night out.

Before you head out

The plan of action

Having a plan for how you’re getting home is key to making sure your night runs smoothly. If you’re grabbing a lift, make sure your designated driver is ok having a night on the minerals. If you’re getting a taxi, make a plan with friends to go home together and never leave anyone behind.

Pack the essentials

Cover all possible eventualities by packing the essentials. Have you got some spare cash for a taxi home? Lippy? ID? A phone charger is a good idea too, just in case you’re left on zero juice.

Keep the battery on full

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying on a night out. The selfies that just weren’t meant to be, the videos that will never see the light of day – pfftt. Make sure you have full battery when you leave home. It’s always a good idea to bring a portable charger with you just in case.

Set your limit

It’s important to plan how much you’re going to drink before you head out. If you want to remember all the fun and laughs, you shouldn’t go over the limit. To avoid the hangover, keep to four standard drinks or less (a half pint, a small glass of wine or one pub measure of spirits). By having a soft drink or water in between each drink, you give your body time to process the alcohol.

Grab the Christmas munch

Turkey and stuffing sandwich anyone? Before you head out, grab a bite to eat or get something nice while you’re out. Filling up before you head out means you’re setting yourself up for a good night.

Wherever you end up this Christmas, make sure you get there and back safely. Keep track of the drinks you’re having and don’t forget to have fun!

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