College Life

The good and the bad of winter

Winter is already up and running now. Some people will hate it, some people will like it. There is no doubt that daily routines would be affected due to this seasonal period.

Here are a list of reasons on how the winter season can affect our lives.

First and foremost, the winter season indicates the imminent arrival of the festive season which we all know and love- Christmas. Students particularly love this time of the year, to be finally away from those intractable assignments, when they can enjoy their winter break and be back home to relax with family.

It is the time to throw away the books and get ready to party for the holidays! At last, the time to give and receive presents will be arriving very soon.

Winter implies that there is more darkness and less light for us. It suggests that we have to retreat back to our cosy homes at 5pm every day. So, we would have to cancel all activities beyond this time. With this, the winter season would mean that there is more time to invest in studies and less time for crazy night outs and hangovers. Ain’t that just lovely!

The rising electricity bills is a concern that everyone has to deal with. Due to the freezing temperatures, heaters at home are turned on more often than not. Regarding this, it would not be a pretty sight when the exorbitant bills eventually come by the doorstep.

Winter will also inhibit us from taking unnecessary trips outdoors. It is way too cold outside to do anything useful. It will be more judicious to stay indoors where warmth and heat is provided. Since being incarcerated indoors, this time of the year is also an excellent time to binge on all those Netflix and TV shows that we have been missing out on.

If there is really an absolute requirement to go outside such as shopping for groceries, be prepared to be kitted with a few layers of clothing in order to brave the cold. You have been warned!

Personally, one of the most difficult issues for me is when I am waking up in the morning. It is almost impossible to get out of bed. I hit on the snooze button on my phone’s alarm clock quite a few times before I can eventually haul myself out of bed. What is the first thing that I do after finally getting up? That’s right. I switch on that precious heater.

Road safety is an issue to be cautious of during the winter season. The horrific weather conditions and icy pathways on the road do not make for good driving conditions.

Lastly, a hot drink a day keeps the cold away. That hot coffee or tea that we take every day is one of the most crucial necessities of the day now. The gruelling times of winter will make us appreciate and treasure every cup of coffee ever more every time we take one. It just drives the chills away, doesn’t it?

What do you think of this year’s winter season? Well, there is nothing to fear everybody, because summer is still a fair bit of distance away…