College Life

Surviving the Christmas Madness

Between assignment deadlines, exams, shopping and our social lives, Christmas can be a really hectic time for us students. To get it all done and dusted and make it to Christmas Day in one piece you need to have a game plan.

Here are our top tips for staying on top of things and enjoying the run up to Christmas.

Make a Christmas Calendar

As a final year student, myself, I understand the stress Christmas incurs. The never-ending list of deadlines, the hefty exams and that one assignment you’ve left until December 23rd means you’re probably struggling to remember everything else in life.

Make things easier on yourself by printing out an A3 sized December calendar template. Any deadline you have, write in in. Heading to a party? Write it in. Have an exam? Write it in. Doing anything at all – write it in. This will help you keep track of social events, your work roster and all your college deadlines.

Avoid the Hangover

It’s been done before and I will never do it again – working with a hangover. Most of us students have part-time jobs which usually get busier in the run up to the festive season. Balancing social and work life can be difficult, but it is possible.

When you’re up at 7am after a Christmas Party, life is no fun after binge drinking. Pacing yourself and drinking water or a soft drink between each alcoholic beverage means you’ll still enjoy your night without that pesky hangover in work the next day.

Space out your drinks

Whether it’s a Christmas work party, or a house party, your body can only process one standard alcoholic drink per hour.

One standard drink refers to a half pint of beer, a small glass of wine or one pub measure (35.5ml) of vodka, whiskey or any other spirit. If you’re gulping down drinks in quick succession your body cannot get rid of the toxins which can lead to drunkenness. By spacing out your drinks, you allow your body to process the alcohol which stops the hangover taking over.

Make a gift list

Even if you only have two or three people to buy for, making a list of gift ideas saves the last-minute-panic-dash around town. Nobody likes last minute shopping, especially us students with limited time and money to spend. Shopping close to home at local businesses saves time and supports your area.

Set aside some down time

In the blink of an eye January will roll around and you’ll be up to your eyes in semester two. It’s important you schedule in some lazy sloth days into the diary to make sure you’re heading back to college feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new deadlines.

It’s possible to enjoy the social aspect of Christmas while keeping on top of deadlines, work and shopping. Just remember to pace yourself and allow your body the time to prevent the dreaded hangover.

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