Student Issues

Ultra festival – part ii

I’m not too sure if I could explain the pain in my legs the morning after day one of Ultra, despite an ice cold shower, which I had convinced myself would help.

When I woke up, one of my room mates advised me to be careful getting out of bed as it would really hurt. Thinking that my bath the previous night would have helped, I hopped out of bed.

I thought wrong, the pain shot through my legs to the point that I nearly collapsed. I spent the whole day walking around like I had just gave birth.

It was day two of the festival and although it resumed at four that afternoon, we thought we would take it easy and spend the day on the beach before heading along later.

The girls and I decided to have a few drinks in the apartment before heading up for about ten to meet the lads, who went up earlier.

So a couple of glasses of wine and some selfies later, we were buzzing and ready for another night of madness.

We arrived at the stadium just in time to see Bingo Players and needless to say the place was buzzing. Again we were surrounded by people of all nationalities, either drunk, off their heads on drugs, or just high on life.

At one stage of the night, a UMF reporter and cameras went by, and of course like drunken Irish, we were looking for our time to shine.

Within seconds we were in front of the cameras, dancing, screaming and waving our Irish flags, in the hope that we would get on UMF TV, their YouTube station.

I still haven’t seen myself in any videos, which is pretty disappointing.

Days two’s acts included Afrojack, Chase and Status, Krewella, along with headliners Armin van Buuren and Hardwell.

Hardwell’s set ended what I could say were two of the best days of my life, with songs such as Call Me a Spaceman and Apollo.

My favourite moment of his set was when he got the whole crowd to sit on the floor, and on the count of three, when the bass dropped, everyone had to jump up and go wild. It looked amazing.

Hardwell kept the crowd going until the sun came up, literally.

We ended up walking home, still on a high as the morning broke. Local shops and markets were opening and setting up for a day’s work as we passed, that’s always the sign of a good night.

Well that, along with the feeling that I wanted to cut my own legs off due to pain, and I wasn’t even wearing heels.

After these two days of madness I was prepared for a few days of relaxation.

That didn’t happen though.