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Top Tips on Tackling Those Christmas Exams

The festive lights that engulf your town. The scent of cinnamon and pine trees. Michael Bublé playing on the radio. It can only mean one thing – Christmas is back. That may sound like an exciting concept, but if you’re a student, the onset of Christmas can cause feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. The dark nights of winter can represent our mood while studying and can be a stressful and lonesome time for students. Despite all of the above, here are some tips to help you get through it.


Planning what I need to study and when I need to study has always helped me get my notes – and my head – together. I write down all of the things I need to get done that day and cross them off (very satisfyingly) when I have completed them. However, a mistake I often make is overestimating myself. I’d be writing down about ten topics I need to study that day, and this results in me rushing to complete something, so I can cross the next topic off. DO NOT DO THIS! Don’t overdo it. Three or four topics a day is plenty when you can study them with enough time and care.

Phones Away

The biggest distraction when it comes to studying is social media. People these days cannot breathe without their phones, so how are we meant to stop them from distracting us? Well, there’s a feature on most phones called ‘Do Not Disturb,’ and when activated, it prevents any disrupting notifications from entering your study bubble. Turn the Do Not Disturb on, put the phone in a different room and voila! A social media free environment is a study-friendly environment.

Don’t Cram

One piece of advice that’s as old as time itself yet is extremely important is to not study everything at the last minute. I don’t suggest leaving it all the night before. If you stick with making an efficient plan and blank out any distractions, then there will be no need to stuff a load of information the night before.

Don’t forget to breathe and relax, and remember, exams will be over soon, and you can finally enjoy the merriest time of the year. Good luck!