Student Issues

The 10 stages of studying for exams

At this stage, you will probably be finished or close to finishing exams for the semester, or maybe even for the foreseeable future if you’re graduating (lucky you!) Whatever stage you happen to be at, we know how you feel, so here are the 10 things you’ll notice when doing exams.

1. As the first week of your exams approached, you realise that all that slacking and catching up you did throughout the semester led to this moment, where your results count the most.

2. Yeah at first the library seemed like the best place to knuckle down and get stuck into those books.  But when you arrive there, it was like a scene from Lord of the Rings at the battle of Helms Deep.  Bodies everywhere!

3. So if you decided that the library wasn’t helping, you went back to your room and hoped that you would find peace.

4. After some hours, countless cups of coffee, a about a dozen Snapchats from your friends about finishing an exam, you have found yourself running out of ways to improve your concentration.

5. You look outside into the sunny college grounds, seeing groups of students camped out on the pavement with ice creams in hand.  You begin to wonder if these students have exams at all, or if they’re just there to tease you.

6. Each day you walk into that exam hall, sit down and prepare for battle.  But as those exam papers are handed out, you find your mind is blank. WHERE DID ALL THAT STUDY GO?

7. The only thing that can annoy you right now is the college loudmouth ranting on about how much they studied beforehand.

8. You regain some info throughout the exam, but still you doubt yourself a bit as if to be modest. 

9. A few questions in, it doesn’t seem too bad.  You can do this!

10. You finish your exam, perhaps your last of the year, so all that is left to is PARTY!