Student Issues

Portugal diary: holiday nightmare!

Four of us were due to fly out to Portugal on August 5, and the excitement was high – until we got to the airport that is…

Three of us were able to check in okay on Aer Lingus' self-service check in machines, but it wouldn't let one of the girls check in.

 So we went up to the bag drop area where she could check in at a check in desk, and here is when it all went downhill.

When she handed her passport over the desk, the lady behind the desk was quick to tell her that her passport was out of date.

It is safe to say that none of us knew what to do. Aimée went ahead and checked in while we thought of what to do next.

One man at the Aer Lingus  information desk was very helpful at telling my friend all of her options and she went back home with some hope that she might make it over to us before our eight days were up.

No time to lose

The rest of us hurried through security, towards our gate and got there with only minutes to spare, not even being able to stop at duty free to buy a few last minute essentials.

Two-and-a-half hours later we arrived in sunny Portugal, excited about the time ahead yet still gutted that we were one down.

After settling into our lovely penthouse apartment, we planned a lot for our first day.

However the day didn't go as planned, we had lunch down at the strip and then went food shopping, but the supermarket was about a fifteen minutes’ walk from our apartment and with all the bags we had, there was no way we could walk it.

So after waiting for a half hour without luck for a taxi to come by, we contemplated walking, but thankfully we finally got one.

By then, it was near 3pm, and being up since three that morning, we’d had a tiring a day.


So after we got home and unpacked our shopping we decided to have an hour long nap before heading down for a quick swim in the pool.

After waking from my nap I asked one of my friends, who was lying across the foot of the bed, what time it was, and I couldn't believe it when it told me it was eight o'clock, we had slept for four hours, failures.

Our swim had gone out the window, but at this stage we had got word from our friend back home that she had applied for an emergency passport so that cheered us up a little.

A while later and we were on the strip, ready for a good night and after a few cocktails and shots later we decided to call it a night, in hope that we could make the most of the following day.

It was a pretty hectic day overall, and not the best start to our holiday, but one thing is for sure, we learned a very important lesson that day, ALWAYS check your passport before you go away!